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MD's Tree Service - Mike DavidsenOur skilled crew is professional, experienced and efficient.  When we come to examine a job, we consider the condition of the trees and their impact on the property.  Removal is not always the right choice.  Sometimes, trimming or topping a tree will relieve the danger it poses while permitting the tree to provide the benefits you wish to still enjoy.  With shaping and balancing, we make a once unattractive tree an aesthetic asset to your property again.  We also do view easement work to restore vistas that have been lost from unruly hedges and trees.

When removal is the best option, there is no one better than MD's Tree Service to do the job with the least impact on your property.  We specialize in falling, logging and tree removal while protecting the structures on the property.  At times, we employ cranes to bring trees down in manageable segments that can sold for lumber -- helping to absorb the cost of needed tree work.


Customers Say ...

When MD's Tree Service removed the tree that was looming over our home, we were so pleased that they were able to take it down with out any damage to our home.  When they were done, it was hard to believe that a the tree was ever a danger.


Mike and his crew thinned our trees, bringing light back into our yard.  It is so nice be be able to enjoy our trees again.


I wouldn't call anyone else.  MD's Tree Service made our property beautiful again!